14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello m 4 months n 1 week pregnant but why my belly is not coming out?

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Answer: Hello Usually it takes 5 month to see your baby bump appear properly. From your 5th month you will be able to see. Hope this helped you 😊
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Question: Hii 15 week pregnant but my belly is not visible ? Why ? My sister is also in 15 week her belly is out from 13th week
Answer: Hi dear, 1 st pregnancy is always like that.baby bump show little late. But do not worry if your scans and blood reports are all normal. Keep eating healthy home cooked food. Do not try to increase your weight by eating junk anytime in pregnancy.baby will gain weight in a right way and baby bump will grow up in couple of weeks. The elasticity of the muscles are less for 1 st time pregnant women hence it stretches less.Also refer the healofy app for daily updates on baby development and growth,as well as pregnancy care.
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Question: Hi i m 35 weeks pregnant n yet my belly button has not popped out, according to scanning my baby is good but worried that why yet belly button did not popped out. Is it normal or need to worry??
Answer: It is good that it has not been pooped out. Sometimes it is very painful. And not every pregnancy has a belly button popped out espcially if you were not over weight.
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Question: Mam I am 3 months pregnant but my stomach is not coming out
Answer: Hello Usually the bump shows a by the end of 4 months. If ur placenta s placed posterior then the bump Wil be small as ur baby ll be more towards the back. Don't worry ur baby s fine and growing beautifully.
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Question: hello I m 5 months pregnant but my stomach is not coming out? so it's normal or I should consult to doctor?
Answer: Hello! sometim it take time for the pregnancy bump to show in some women. However, it is always better to discuss with the doctor about your doubt.
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