3 months old baby

Question: Hello... Kindly tell me can I use staircase after 16 days of c section?

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Answer: Yes...but by one one leg...only one or two time a day
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Question: After how many days i can use staircase in c section delivery?
Answer: Hi Dear! Try to avoid it as much as possible in the first 6 weeks atleast, thats what i have been advised by my Gynae, because by that time your incision also gets healed. Good luck & hope this helps!
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Question: can v use veet after 15 days of c section?
Answer: Hello! You can use veet, there is no problem in using it after ceasarian
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Question: Can i do household works after 15 days of c section? Kindly give some precautions
Answer: After c section atleast rest 40days. Dont do heavy work and don't go to stairs atleast 3 months. Don't stand more time.
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