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Question: Hello Is it possible to get pregnant if i do intercourse before 4-5 days of my next period date. Please clarify...?

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Answer: Hi! Getting pregnant is actually a very time sensitive procedure.There is a small window when you are ovulating and can get pregnant.This time frame is approximately 15 days before your next periods and averages about 5 days.If you are trying to get pregnant then please use the ovulating strips to know the days you are ovulating and consult your gynaecologist.If you are not trying to concieve then you should be safe this month without worry:)
Answer: Nope.. Ur ovulation starts in ur 10th to 14th day after ur periods.. U can start having intercourse from 10th day alternatively upto 1 wk before u rch ur periods date.. U have to stop having intercourse if ur periods delay upto 35 days.. Plan accordingly.. It works in my case.. Al the best n Take care..
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Question: is it possible to get pregnant if i had sex on 18th day of my period?
Answer: Hello! chances are less, however it depends on the day of your ovulation. However, if you miss your periods, you can take a pregnancy test to find if you are pregnant or not.
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Question: Is it possible to get pregnant some days before period??
Answer: If u r in fertile window,ovulation takes place in da mid 10dayz of ur cycle..keeping this in view v can judge whether u will get pregnancy or not
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Question: Hello mam.. it possible to get pregnant 4 days before my period??
Answer: Hi! If u r referring to hv sex to become pregnant technically no, but miracles do happen. Hope this helps!
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