9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello is it normal to have thick white discharge during 8 weeks of pregnancy ?? Pls help

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Answer: Hi Yes, it's perfectly normal starting from early pregnancy until your baby is born. What you're noticing is probably leukorrhea – the odorless or mild-smelling milky white discharge that you may have had before you got pregnant. There's just a lot more of it now because your body is producing more estrogen, and more blood is flowing to the area around your vagina. Here are some other ways to keep your genital area clean and healthy: Always wipe from front to back. Wear cotton underwear. Don't wear tight pants and nylon pantyhose. Don't use bubble bath, scented pads, scented toilet paper, feminine hygiene sprays, and scented or deodorant soaps.
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Question: Is thick white discharge normal during 5-6 weeks pregnancy?
Answer: Hi! White discharge is normal during pregnancy and around 7 weeks of gestation. It is due to the increased blood flow in that area, which can be accompanied by itching sometimes However foul smell or a little yellowish or greenish discharge can be infection and it needs Doctors intervention to treat. Good luck!
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Question: White thick discharge during pregnancy is normal now I am 9 weeks of pregnancy
Answer: It's normal dear. You will have discharges throughout pregnancy. Only if the white discharge changes colour or becomes smelly it's a problem. Otherwise it's completely normal
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Question: Thick white discharge during 37 weeks of pregnancy is it normal or is it sign of labor..??
Answer: Hie White discharge is due to increase in blood supply to cervix and uterus and hormonal changes Don't bother yourself about it However if you find foul smell to the discharge it is then that you need to consult your gynaclogist as it may indicate an infection which needs medical attention and antibiotics to treat
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Question: White discharge during 8 month of pregnancy?? Is it normal?
Answer: Hello Vaginal discharge during pregnancy is very normal it's while milky and mild smelling. It's nothing to worry about. If vaginal discharge is yellow greenish fowl smelling and accompied by redness boils or itching that means u have got a fungal or yeast infection. Meet ur doctor. Never try to treat yourself during pregnancy. In ur second trimester u can see pink or brown discharge this should be bought to ur doctors notice as it could be nothing or bleeding may indicate something.
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