5 months old baby

Question: Hello😊 is it necessary to pump out the milk if baby don't take one side breastmilk.... Actually sometimes he does want to take breastmilk of my left side..

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Answer: You should express the milk out if baby doesn't feed in 3-4hours. And expressing helps to keep the milk supply up on the ignored breast. But, start every feed from the ignored breast every time since baby needs the amount of milk from both breasts around 4th month
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Question: Hello mam.my baby is on spoon feeding as he is very week n not able to suck my breastmilk.i want to know if i use breastmilk pump would it affects my milk supply
Answer: Hi dear, Not at all, pumping milk effectively won't effect breastplate supply at all.infact I have heard it boosts milk supply.so not to worry,express your milk and feed your child.
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Question: Hello there, sometimes little water comes out of my baby's eyes, what does it mean? He is 6 months old
Answer: Your baby's tear duct may not fully developed yet. This can cause her eye to be watery. Tears wash over your baby's eyeballs all the time, keeping her eyes moist. The tears are made in glands called lacrimal glands. Your baby has one gland above each of her eyes. Tears from her eyes drained away by a duct that leads to her nose. Babies often born with a duct that us not fully open, so the tears are unable to drain away. Your baby's watery eye should get better on its own in a few weeks, once her tear duct has opened up. You can remove any sticky liquid by bathing her eye with cooled boiled water and cotton wool.
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Question: My baby is 3 months 20 days old he takes breastfeed from left side very comfortably but he does want to take from right side please suggest
Answer: Either ur nipple is smal or not upward or may b thin U need t pull upward
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