13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello im having hypothyroidism since 2yrs.. i used to take 50mg medicine from 2yrs.. now im in 3rd mnth.. my tsh value is 4.38 in 3rd mnth.. doctor has advised me to take 100mg on sundays and on remaining days doctor advised me to continue with 50 mg... can i have safe delivery and a healthy baby

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Answer: Even i am having thyroid problems n doctor gave me 62.5mg of thyronorm.
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Question: Doctor said there will be prblm in baby's growth due to thyroid.. im having hypothyroidism since 2yrs n taking 50 mg medicines for it.. im already in 3rd mnth.. n my tsh level is 4.38.. it should be below 2.5... what should i do now.. is there any serious problem?
Answer: Consult a doctor.. increase the dosage of medicine..
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Question: Can i have safe delivery and a healthy baby... as im having tsh value of 4.38 in 3rd month.. pls reply
Answer: Yes dear even I have tsh value 4 doctor gave me thyroid tablet due to which it is controlled consult your doctor they will guide you not to worry
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Question: Im suffering with hypothyroidism since 2yrs n taking medicind of 50mg for that... but i went to doctor for a checkup.. doctor said that i already entered in 3rd mnth of pregnancy. She asked me to go for a thyroid test.. n my result was tsh of level 4.38... is this a prblm?? Dis can affect my baby?? Pls ans
Answer: Don't panic....its not too much high......consult ur dr...dr will increse ur dose....n avoid taking cauliflower n cabbage....mine will increase in 7 th mnth....but dr increased dose.....n now i m having kid of 3 mnth old
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