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Question: Hello! I'm having a lot of pain in sleeping with left and right turns. mY beta HCG level is 1011. Why is it so painful? Is this pain common for every pregnant women or its just me? Can i sleep on my back? Please help!

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Answer: Hi! the level of hcg can be detected properly only when you are aware of your last lmp date. lmp date means the first day of the last menstruation period. Let me know when did you get your beta hcg test done? Also let me know your last LMP date. If the pain is like cramps it could be because of your uterus preparing and expanding to hold the baby. Its common for all pregnant woman. And also Sleeping on your back is not at all a good option for anyone in general. And specially for pregnanat women this habit is really dangerous after 20 weeks of pregnancy. So please don't develop such habit.
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Question: I'm 23weeks pregnant women ,today getting pain on right side ,is it common
Answer: Ya dear this is common. I also gone through such pain. my doctor said it is due to baby size increasing. It is infact a good thing that baby growing well 🤗😛. I know but discomfort was really killing me, so my doctor advise me to do warm compress. And sit by keeping legs up. It did give me some relief. Not complete. But try this. Surely some comfort u will get. Hope sister dis advice will help u.
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Question: From last fue days I'm sleeping straight on my back unable to sleep on my left or right side wht to do ...??
Answer: Dear if you are not comfortable to sleep on your side you should put some of the pillow on your back and in between your legs etc this will help you in feeling comfortable it's not at all advisable to sleep on your back in pregnancy because when you sleep on your back you baby gets very less space oxygen nutrition and blood supply which can affect your baby's development
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Question: Why I am feeling stretched and heavy feeling when I lay down on my left side I can't sleep on my left side...why its happing by the way its doesn't happen with my right side
Answer: Yeah it's normal.when I was pregnant,even I felt the same.dnt worry
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