6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello... I went to an ultrasound today and dr told two sac is found probably may be twins but said to wait for another 10 days to conform pls tell me dr whether the chance of twins is high or any other complication

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Answer: Hi dear, normally two gestational sac indicatetwins pregnancy. Chances of any abnormalities are very less. Still you have to wait for two weeks to get an exact result. Hope it helps.
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Question: I had lmp 27 mar. Due bleeding i went dr he told to do ultrasound. On 15 may found one ovum dr told destroyed. He told to wait till 15 days. On 27 may ( complete 2 month) second ultrasound we found two ultrasound. But both are blighted ovum. What to do. ?
Answer: This must have come as a shock when you're told this. You must be struggling to accept it, and need time to come to terms with the news you were least expecting to hear. My all love and prayers are with you. But there is nothing you can do about to change the circumstances. This condition is known as blighted ovum,happens when a fertilised egg (ovum) implants in the womb (uterus), but a baby doesn't grow. If the diameter of the sac is less than 2.5cm, the pregnancy may just be less advanced than you thought. You'll then have another scan one week to two weeks later. First there's still no sign of an embryo after this time, then it will be diagnosed as blighted ovum. You dont have to take any decision immediately, you can continue with pregnancy to be miscarried on its own.Though this might take many weeks. Or you can opt for abortion through medicines or surgery. Once aborted wait for several months for conceiving again. Utilise these months to heal your body and then try again. It is not necessary that you ll face problems with your next pregnancy as well. Discuss all the scenarios with your doctor before making up your mind. Stay blessed!
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Question: Hiii my lmp was 23 March. Today in ultrasound sac is found empty. Baby is not visible. Should I wait for another week
Answer: Hi dear. Yes you should wait for two more weeks, it happens many time that in early scan baby don't get detected but later on in next week scan baby found healthy and visible. So you should definitely wait for next week, even i faced this same thing, my doctor said that you should have to abort but we waited for two more weeks and found a healthy baby there, now my baby is 20 months. Good luck
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Question: I went for ultrasound vaginally but dr said to go another ultrasound..is there any pblm in pregnancy
Answer: Hello dear, you did a ultrasound for confirmation your pregnancy. there are 3 scan done in pregnancy . One is in 8 to 14th week which is called nt scan another is done in 18 to 22 nd week which is anamoLy scna and third is growth scan which generally done in 30 to 34 week. Rest other scan is done if doctor as any doubt in ur baby positioning or health. Ultrasound can be done anytime to observation any suspicious Movement.  Hope it helped Take care urself...
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