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Question: Hello... I went through a abortion 6months back... Now we are planning ...but now I'm having pcod...there is lots of stress at home for me... Don't know how to first pregnancy I was like in a depression I used to cry all the time 8th week baby heart beat from 3 months I'm getting my period late... Doc suggested me to just reduce weight she said there is no need of tablets... Can u suggest me to get pregnant with a healthy baby

Answer: First suggestion to you is not to get stressed. As stress can negatively impact your chances of becoming pregnant. Second thing is that, please take advice from your doctor as to how long should you wait before you plan your next pregnancy. Third, I'm not sure but many times the heart beat of the baby is not heard in the 8th week scan. I'm sure you had got it verified by your doctor. But my suggestion for next time is that - please go for the heartbeat scan in the 9th or 10th week only. Even I had done the same. All the best to you.
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Question: hi I'm Jhansi I'm 9 weeks now till last week there is heart beat and movements in baby but suddenly stopped heart beat as I went to Doctor bcas of back pain she told there is a blood clot and no beat please tell me any chance to restore the heart beat of baby
Answer: Hello! Really sorry, you have to go through this. As such chances are not there. Still would suggest you to getting a scan once again and also consult your doctor.
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Question: I hv a depression.. I want to cry and cry.. I m in 22 week Of pregnancy.. wat to do?
Answer: Hello,  I know it can be tough during pregnancy to keep the mind calm but there are list of things which i tried and you can also do to feel positive and have fun. The list is long means you can do so many things:  Take advantage of your status. Never again will more people be so willing to help you. Accept that bus seat. Say yes to offers to carry your packages. Rather than feel guilty, resolve to pass the favors on to another pregnant woman later. Go easy on nesting. Setting up a nursery and shopping for a new baby can be fun, but don't let it overwhelm you. All he really needs is shelter, basic clothing, diapers, food and you. Look your best. Invest in a couple of special maternity outfits, including some pretty lingerie. Wear flattering colors and styles. Get beauty treatments often. Have a glamour photo taken (don't worry, you can keep your clothes on). Revel in your belly. When your baby is awake and active, put a jelly bean or half-filled glass of water on your belly, lean back, and watch the show. Photograph or videotape your ultrasound. Record the heartbeat. Have a cast made of your belly. Show the real thing off, too.  Be queen for a day (for nine months).Trash your to-do lists. Nap without guilt. Go to a day spa. Take extra showers. Take your shoes off and put your feet up. Sleep late (but do get up and dressed so you feel part of the world). Buy a body pillow for your last trimester. If meals or housework are too much, hire help or call on a friend. Enjoy being kneaded. Performed correctly, prenatal massage can safely relax you; ease muscle stress, swelling and back pain; and improve circulation. "Massage can also help a woman develop greater sensory awareness, which is very useful in labor and delivery," Get motivated to live more healthfully.Sometimes we'll do things for someone else that we won't do for ourselves. You have several months to develop healthful eating habits, start a moderate exercise program, take up meditation or do whatever else makes your body a better home for both you and your baby. Enjoy your heightened senses. Enjoy your new awareness. If you can, capture it for a lifetime
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Question: I'm 4 month pregnant, I have lots of stress because of family problems. I know it hurts the baby also but I can't control it .how to I overcome from tension, stress pls give some advice to me
Answer: 1. Take deap breath 2. avoid such situations. 3. Go for some walk 4. Do breathing exercize which ll keep u more relaxed. Like anulom bilom, bramhri, bhastrika
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