36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hello...i wanted to know about cord stem cell banking..does it worth ?

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Answer: it's like an insurance.
Answer: no
Answer: no
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Question: Is stem cell banking or cord preservation is worth in india...
Answer: It's a debatable point...though it's good to preserve the stem cells but India hardly any place provide treatment with stem cells and even if they do. .it is way more expensive than a middle class or upper middle class can afford... stem cells preservation is a kind of gamble which if you can afford easily then go for it. As mother we all want that babies do not get any physical or genetical deformity at any stage of their life. But what if they suffer from any such deformity ? Medical science is developing very fast . May be after 20-30 years most of the diseases will be cured with the help of stem cells. There is also a possibility that stem cells may be destroyed during preservation. That's why I said it is a gamble. If you can afford then do it so that you may not regret in future.
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Question: Hello Dr. Sumaiya. Is stem cell banking worth investing in?
Answer: Hi,yes it is as it helps to cure many diseases in future .it is a good option to go in with this.
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Question: Is stem cell banking worth
Answer: It is a personal choice dear. If you can afford it I feel you should get it done. Hope it helps.
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