24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello, i want to know wether is it safe to travel by train on 28 hr journey in ac coach ,my wife is almost 24 weeks pregnant

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Answer: If she has no complication then its safe. Do take an advice from your doctor before going as she may give some medications in form of injection or medicine. She'll even suggest you about the travel. :)
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Question: Hello , i am 23 weeks pregnant. I want to travel pune to Hyderabad it is 13 hrs journey. Is it safe to travel in this period by train.
Answer: Yes dear in train it is absolutely safe to travel innur second trimester. If your pregnancy is not having any complication then please go ahead but make sure u take the lower birth. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hello...i am 28 weeks pregnant..is it safe to travel by train for 8 hours journey.. Please suggest.
Answer: Hi dear , it's not safe to travel now but do talk to your doctor she can guide you wellknowimg tour reports.
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Question: Hi can I go to train travel 32 hours journey in 2 nd ac coach train.
Answer: Yes u can but make sure u sip water and keeping u hydrated throughout the journey.if possible walk every half an hr. Take a good nap try to listen to soothing music. Take care
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