25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello. I want to know about baby movements. Last week it was very frequent. Past two days it has been very little. Checked with the doctor baby s hearbeat is Normal. But i m concerned and want to know if I am the only one experiencing it. Thanks

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Answer: Hai dear Don't worry about That one some times baby movements won't be there for some days no need to worry sometimes we won't take care about baby I mean we hv to touch our baby , we hv to sing we hv to talk to our baby may be food is not sufficient to baby we can dance or listening music we can try all these things if babys not moving. There is no need to worry or some times the baby movements we can't recognise slowly they will give movements no need to worry about That one dear Hv a great day t.c
Answer: Hi, baby movement feel slow due to gas, if it start suddenly, that means baby is getting less oxidation. It should be not less than 6 to 7 movement in a day. A total lack of movement is a cause of concern. Take a glass of sweet lemon water or juice and sleep on your left side. If your baby not responding properly as earlier within 2 hours. Consult your doctor 
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Question: M 20 weeks pregnant.. Since last night I hv been experiencing frequent baby movements till now.. Is it normal?
Answer: It's normal.dear. somedays the baby will be very active. There's nothing to worry in it.
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Question: i want to know about baby movements in 23 weeks
Answer:  At 23rd week of pregnancy, the baby is about the size of a mango. The baby has already developed his/her sense of hearing, so start telling him/her a story. The baby also has increasing* keen ears that the baby can pick up environmental noises such as a bark of the dog. Baby at 23rd week moves a lot and you might sense him/her dancing inside the womb. Don’t fret since it is completely normal and a sign of good fetal health/ However, the lungs at this period are still developing. While a baby born during this period can survive the outside world, he/she is still most likely to be placed in heated incubators for weeks to months. For the mother, the 23rd week signifies a prominent weight gain in the abdominal region. The baby will start to fill out in the next weeks which will create more pressure on the bladder from the weight in the uterus that is located on top of it. Trips to the bathroom will be taking place more frequently due to that pressure. Larger fluid intake will be needed to keep the mother and the baby hydrated and thus, ensures proper nutrition is delivered. So, be sure to drink plenty of water and avoid dehydrating agents such as sodas and coffee! Mothers may also notice visible fluid usually signifying amniotic fluid being released from the pressure of the uterus onto the bladder. Technically, the amniotic fluid is colorless and odorless and should not contain any trace of urine and should not smell like it. Sleep positioning also starts to matter at 23rdweek because the belly enlarges and creates uncomfortable feeling to the mother. Discomforts Sleep on the sides (on the left one more so) for the better blood flow to the placenta, a nutrient-filled sac where your baby is getting his/her “food” to grow.Do brisk walking. Taking regular walks is a good physical activity for pregnant mothers unless contraindicated. Walking also helps relieve swollen feet.Braxton Hicks contractions feel like abdominal cramps. Having them may not be exactly comfortable but they do help in preparing a woman’s body for labor.
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Question: My baby is 5 momth old.for the past 3 days he has been pooping little by little for 5 to 6 times.hes also struggling a bit for passing motion.and sleep is very less.may i know the reason please
Answer: Hello dear Ur baby might be having constipation problem that's why he has been pooping out by struggling. Following remedies u can try for constipation : 1. Increase Water Consumption. Whether your baby is breast or bottle fed, it's easy to assume she's getting enough water due to a primarily liquid diet. 2. Give Your Baby “Bicycle Legs” 3. Try a Different Brand of Formula 4. Massage Her Tummy 5. Give Him a Warm Bath.
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