Question: hello i want to be a pregnant.i have a irregular periods so what tym is best for me to concive

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Answer: hi
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Question: Mam I have pcod with irregular periods wen will be the best day to convince
Answer: even if you concive we first need to start treatment for pcod so that there are no complications or abnormal fertilization, with irregular periouds i need to know your 3 months menses date to calculate your fertile days.
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Question: Helo mam my periods is irregular i want plan 2nd baby what i should do for concive next baby early
Answer: Hii ovalation occur halfway through ur mensuration Cycle. The average cycle last 28 days . Counting from 1dt day of one period to the first day of next period.but there is a wide range of normal when it comes to menstrual cycles. It may be possible mensuration Cycle vary from 23 to 35 days. And even mensuration Cycle vary every month. U can make a mensuration calendar. For few months and then u can get an idea.  If u have a irregular period then u can check if u have thick mucus discharge coming for few days, if u r having cramping as these symptoms are common during ovalation. Also best way to know is to check in the ovalation kit. It is really helpful to detect the exact date of ovalation. 
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Question: I have irregular periods so what to do for pregnancy ?
Answer: Hello dear. Any time a girl has unprotected intercourse, she has the potential to become pregnant. Getting pregnant is related to ovulation — the time that a girl is most fertile and has the highest chance of getting pregnant. A girl with irregular periods still ovulates, just not on a regular, predictable schedule. You should check when is your ovulation date. Hope this information was helpful.
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