8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hello..I took 20 antibiotic tablets continuously every n8 during my pregnancy period before confirming..due to a bug bite I was taking the tablets(wall-dry, cefix-o ND amoxicillin-clav )..WL there be any effect..I'm so worried about it

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Answer: Hello dear don't panic..sometimes amoxicillin is considered safe.. But antibiotics are not safe in pregnancy and while expecting.. So I suggest you to consult your doctor.. He might suggest you the best..
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    Sanvi Vara911 days ago

    Yeah i got an appointment on 8th may..so till then iam a bit tensed

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    Pareenita Ganguly911 days ago

    Hey don't be tensed.. Let's hope and pray for the best

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Question: I usually have very irregular cycles... my last period was on 30th July, 2018... I took letroz tablets for 5 days... on 29th August, 2018 early morning I had very severe cramps ( I usually have painful periods, but the pain that I had was too very bad, but no periods... at times small aches on left side of abdomen, but I thought it was due to delay in periods... I had constant constipation, vomiting sensations, tiredness, fatigue which I thought to be due to indigestion problems.... but something clicked to my mind and so I took HPT last Sunday... it was positive... we soon went to Gynec... she did TVS and said it is an intrauterine pregnancy & 2 gestational sacs are there... dizygotic twins... fetal pole & yolk sac are visible in both... but LMP and fetal age doesn't match... it is actually 7 wks, but the growth is of about 5 wks... she said no clear heart beat could be seen... I am too very much worried... she asked to take good rest & placed me on daily single dose of progesterone tablet and weekly progesterone (GESTONE) injection... Till now (even after TVS), I don't have any bleeding issues... My blood results shows there is a slight increase in blood glucose levels, which doctor said is normal and if needed later I shall be put on low dose insulin as pregnancy progresses.... I am afraid why there is no heartbeat for my embryos.... taking folic acid tablets daily...Took only letroz tablets.... no iui or ivf yet... naturally conceived twin babies.... pls help me.... I am really very much worried
Answer: Dear when you say fetal pole was seen it mean the heartbeat was present. Fetal pole is the heartbeat of the baby. I would suggest please do not be worried. Everything is absolutely normal. You will be able to hear the heartbeat in the next scans very clearly. Eat healthy and stay hydrated. Hope it helps,.
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