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Question: Hello, I'm 30 years and 8 weeks pregnant and I got my blood reports today. It says that my Hba1c is 5.7 % while the normal limit is 5.6%. The report says that I'm pre-diabetic. I'm worried. Please help.

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Question: Hello.. I am 31 weeks pregnant in the blood test found I'm pre diabetic.. What is to be done to control it.. And should I be worried about the normal birth delivery in case I'm diabetic at that time
Answer: Hi.. It means u are having gestational diabetes. Yes, of course u can have normal delivery after getting detected by gestational diabetes. Having  gestational diabetes (GD) doesn't necessarily mean that you can't have your baby vaginally. if you can keep your blood sugar levels stable during pregnancy then u can have normal delivery. Start eating brown rice instead of white rice. Stop eating sweets as much as possible. Do little bit of walking after having food.
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Question: Hello i have got my HBA1C test and the report says its 5.7 and Mean Blood Glucose is 116.89 Is it normal as i am 2 months pregnant..
Answer: Below 6% is considered moderate control. For now it is important to keep the sugar below 100 I will advise to consult an endocrinologist also the sugar levels fluctuate in the second term Keep your appointment with a dietician as well.
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Question: I'm 6 weeks pregnant and my first scanning report says that the heart beat is not visible I'm tensed and worried is there any problem
Answer: Nothing to worry.For me after 8th week only it has started showing in scan reports.. not all pregnancies are same.. Relax ..go for a ultrasound scan in two weeks
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