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Question: Hello,I'm 19 weeks pregnant now 3 days before I had ultrasound and report shows presentation: breech, placenta : Anterior, low lying...lower placental edge is almost reaching the internal cervical OS,distance measures :0.59 cm. Plzz tell me what does it mean, is there any complication?no bleeding yet. .plzzz answer my question soon . I'm very tensed now

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Answer: Plzz anyone answer my question
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    A Ahmed809 days ago


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Question: Hi i have a question .. according to my ultrasound it was detected that i am 13 weeks pregnant and my ultrasound stated placenta is grade 2 low lying Os to edge distance is 2.7 mm. Can you please help me in understanding what does it mean. I am lil bit worried... Is there any sign of complication
Answer: Dont worry at all, nothing will go wrong but take few measures to ensure that the featus gets maximum nutrients. Eat high protien diet, lie on left side most of the time, dont take stress. Matured Placenta can still supply lot of nutrients to the baby. But keep a track of baby movements all the time, and be alert even if u feel any less fetal activities, and do not go beyond your term for labour to start naturally, just go for artificial pains. All the best.
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Question: Hello I'm 20 weeks pregnant now 1 week before I had an ultrasound and report shows presentation:breech ,placenta:Anterior low lying. ....lower placental edge is almost reaching the internal cervical OS,distance measures 0.59 cm ...plz tell me what does it mean, is there any complications to worry? No bleeding yet, I'm very tensed now. Plzz rply me soon
Answer: Actually low laying placenta common in pregnancy. But you shoudnt have sex, don't carry things more than 2.5-3kg, try to have more rest, bed rest, don't bend, don't do yoga or any other exercise, don't walk too much on stairs. Otherwise it's ok no need to worry about it. And you are not supposed to have bleeding cause if low laying placenta.
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Question: Hii I had a scan it shows placenta anterior with lower end 1.8 cm from internal os. What does it mean. Is this placenta previa or low lying placenta. Does it cause difficulty in normal delivery.
Answer: Hi dear, your placenta is low lying. You should take bed rest at this time. Avoid intercourse, traveling long distances and exertion. Typically, it moves up as pregnancy progresses. Don't worry. Take rest. Hope this helps.
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