37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello.. I'm 36 weeks pregnant n my baby position is not right he is not going toward pelvic bone my dctr said it will b operated I'm very much worried b'coz its my first pregnancy aur don't want operation..pls help me what should i do???

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Answer: Please don't worry or tensed regarding operation because doctor suggest what is best for you and your baby. As same thing happened with me but don't worry just enjoy the time
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Question: Hello.my 37 week is going but my baby head is not engaged with bone.kindly tell my any remedies or any other thing that go for normal delivery.my dr suggested now there are less chances of engagement of head with bone so go for operation and I don't want to take operation. Plz I'm much worried guide me.thanks
Answer: Hello dear, Head fixes by 32 weeks in first time pregnancy... Absolutely wrong. May be by 37/ 38 weeks and its not a rule set in stone , just a probability.  Some breech and transverse babies turn themselves naturally in the last month of pregnancy. ... If your baby is in a breech position at 36 weeks, your doctor or midwife might suggest you think about an ECV, or external cephalic version, after 37 weeks. This will increase your chances of your baby turning to a head-down position. Please do some squatting exercises, walking , climbing stairs maybe but dont strain yourself too much to cause pain. Baby will descend or maybe will happen just before labor or during labor and its important to be active and moving around and not just lying on your back during labor. Hope it helped, Take care urself....
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Question: Hello ma'am.. I'm 35 weeks pregnant i have vistied doctor many times but couldn't find my baby gender, I'm much worried abt that one doctor said it's a boy but the other one said it seems like a girl I'm confused..is that possible dctr don't find gender till end pls tell me I'm very much worried.
Answer: Dear in India it is illegal I am assumin you are outside India. And please do not get worried you can consult doctor and understand what is the problem or better consult another doctor. As far as I know baby's gender is told at the time of anomaly scan at 20 weeks outside India. Hope it helps
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Question: I'm in my 39 week..baby is in cephalic position said by gynec but yet not reached in pelvic..i m want normal delivery..pls tell me what to do so that baby settle down in right position
Answer: Walking is the best to reach the right position ...!!! After walking take hot bath ....
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