18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello I'm 17 weeks pregnant. My doctor suggested me cyclogest 400. Is it safe and why should i use this?

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Answer: Hello, Dear cyclogest is a hormonal medicine and it help in avoiding any complications during pregnancy. So don't worry its completely safe..
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Question: My tummy is getting very tight.. Dctr suggested me cyclogest tblts.. Can I use these tblts?? Um 35 weeks pregnant..
Answer: Hi dear. Yes you can these tablets but along with this drink few sips of hot water after every meal, walk 10 minutes after every meal, avoid heavy and oily food . Walk daily for 1 hour.
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Question: Hi , I'm 31 weeks pregnant with twins doctor suggested me usg Doppler why is it done?
Answer: Hi! Colour Doppler test or Ultrasounds uses sound waves to detect the blood flow in vessels, it is used in pregnancy to see the blood flow in uterus, placenta in baby and arteries. The test takes 15-30 minutes to perform. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hi doctor . . I'm 5 months pregnant . . My doctor suggested me to have ecosprin . . Is it safe ? . .
Answer: Hi dear this is safe. Depending on why the doctor gave you prevents abnormal blood clotting, relieves inflammation and swelling, and promotes a smooth flow of blood. take care
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