37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello.. .I'm 37 weeks pregnant. In the recent urine culture test , the result came in this way: acinetobacter species > 1,00,000 CFU/ml . my ob told me to take nitrofurantion 100 mg three times in a day. Is this is safe in late pregnancy. I heard nitrofurnation in late pregnancy leads to anemia in baby

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Question: Hi mam Now I'm 12 th week pregnancy One week before first trimester screening test taken on clinic and now the result came Result is found SCREEN NEGATIVE please tell me about this
Answer: Hi, screening tests are done to know the chances of baby developing chromosmal disorders like trisomy 18, 21 etc. if the test is negative it means the baby doesnt have the disease tested by the screening test.
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Question: I tested 3 times through a home pregnancy test kit all three times result came out positive with dark lines ! But the urine test I gave in the lab came out negative ! Is it too early to test ?
Answer: Hi dear, If you have given right info in app,you are 7 weeks pregnant now.and by now you should have got your first USG done.sonita definitely not early.your test results at home came positive but in lab came negative.ita strange.why don't to confirm it through blood test? It is accurate and give you instant results too.
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Question: Hi i had urine test in that the result is light pregnancy but doctor told we cannot consider but i had a vomiting
Answer: Hi,you should wait fir a week ,get your blood beta hcg test to monitor the growth of the hormones as reqd in pregnancy and accordingly consult to the Dr.
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