35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello.. i m 34 weeks pregnant.. i m feeling less baby movements from yesterday, is it ok or any problem??

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Answer: Hie as you are in your 35 th week of pregnancy movement of your baby would be comparatively less as there is little or almost no room for the baby to move However observe movement in every 3-4 hours There should be 10-12 movement a day Any lesser movements than this should be observed closely and you should inform your gynaclogist as well
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Question: From yesterday theres only few movements very less i m 21 week pregnant is it ok
Answer: It's ok dear nothing to worry... U can identify more movements in 26th week onwards. For me I noticed movements in 25th week
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Question: I m 24 weeks pregnant.. from yesterday I am feeling less baby moments.. is there any problem
Answer: You may try consuming some sugar water... Then you can check baby movements instantly
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Question: Hi, now im 34 week pregnant. From yesterday onwards im feeling less baby movements. Please guide
Answer: Hi If you have feeling less movents then its the time to call your doctor once ok..
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