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Question: hello. I'm 13 weeks pregnant. i had a pregnancy thyroid while checking on 6week. now I had my latest check up and found my TSH rate has been increased by 1% even after taking tablets. I'm really scared abt this. may I know how to reduce this?

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Question: I'm really crying while writing this.. I just had a baby thru c section 5 days ago. From that time my breastmilk is not coming properly.. I'm breastfeeding him every one hour. Still he is not satisfied..I feel like I'm not taking care of my baby well.. I don't even know how to hold him properly.im so scared and crying. Please help
Answer: Hello! First stop worrying. You are already doing a great job. These feelings are not something new, every mother goes through it, even I had gone through it. So stop worrying. First, holding your baby properly comes with experience. As days pass, you will master the art, as I did. Don't think much about it. Second, breastmilk during the initial days will be less. It increases as days pass. Don't worry, feeding him every hour is good. But first you need to be stress free. The more stress you take the more effected your supply of breastmilk will be. Start with pumping schedule. After feeding your baby pump using a breast pump. Initially, there will be no milk, but slowly the supply will increase and you will get good milky. Drink plenty of water before and after feeding sessions. Keep a check on the pee count after your baby turns 9 days. If your baby passes pee more than 6 times, then your milk is sufficient. But remember, first love your self then only you will be able to take proper care... Take care.
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Question: I had thyroid before delivery... I was taking thyronorm 50 mg... But after deliver i didn't continue the medicine... Day before yesterday i had a check up and found that my TSH has increased to 86...Will that affect my baby in any ways since i'm breastfeeding?
Answer: Once u staryed thyroid meds u have to continue it. U shd not stop it without consulting your doctor.....I am not sure it will affect ur baby or not but it will affect your health for sure. .n being a mother u have to take care of youreself a lot.
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Question: Is taking indrol (propranolol ) safe during pregnancy? I was taking it before pregnancy as I had increased Heart rate. I still have increased Heart rate but I am really worried if taking this medicine safe for my baby
Answer: You plz consult with gynecologist who cares about your pregnancy to avoid any problem or any doubts.
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