19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello, i m 20 weeks pregnant..i feel stomach pain..when i get up in morning my whole body ache... sometimes i feel giddy also....what is the reason behind this...plz suggest...is everything okay??

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Answer: Hello Low blood pressure during pregnancy happens due to dilation of the blood vessels. It start in ur first trimester it's at its lowest in the middle of 2nd trimester u ll feel dizzy. Stay hydrated eat more sodium products like tender coconut salt salted nuts salted dry fish can help u rise ur bp. Low bp does not affect ur baby if taken care of correctly. Very bp for a prolonged time can cause babies with low birth weight or even still births.
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    neha verma644 days ago

    Thanku dear

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Question: Sometimes i feel pain in the lower stomach ....what is the reason behind this..
Answer: Hi...I'm 27 weeks pregnant and going through this rarely. Uterus will be expanding according to the baby's development. This may cause pelvic pain, lower abdominal pain ,backache ,etc. Apart from that,pain could be also a cause of urinary tract infection ,which is common during pregnancy. Please consult with your doctor . Happy pregnancy 😀
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Question: I feel lot acidic, and burping whole day. When I get up in morning, I feel lot of bloating in stomach and lot thirsty whole night in sleep.
Answer: Dear gas acidity bloatting is part of pregnancy. I also used to get lots of acidity during my pregnancy. Taking ginger water, lemon water really help me alot. Also I used to eat a bowl of puffed rice to get relief. Nishu you eating light healthy home cooked food less oily and less spicy. Also break your major meals into small meals and take after every 2 hours intervel. Hope it will help. Take care dear.
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Question: Hello doctor..M 20 weeks pregnant from 2 days m feeling severe whole body pain continuously..back pain s also severe.. M feeling very tired.. Pls Suggest...
Answer: That's all many body changes take place by month to month pregnancy your uterus wall is expanding and hormone levels high at this time due to which we feel many discomforts and pain during pregnancy be strong be patient still if u have severe pain then you should consult Dr for right medications take care
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Question: Hello mam I feel havey gas in my stomach this reason I feel stomach ache
Answer: Make sure take food in 6times a day n avoid food which can form gas n drink water in a gud amount
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