38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello..i m 36 weeks pregnant..but gestational age as per ultrasound is 34 weeks..that means baby growth is not good..

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Question: Hello,my 36 week ultrasound has done , according to that my baby is growing 2 week slow,his growth is as 34 weeks , what can i do ?
Answer: Hi. Take balance diet and have a stress free life. Good luck
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Question: My wifes gestational age as per LMP IS 36 weeks 3 days .Buy as per fetal biometry age showing 34 weeks 5 days...is this made any further treatment . is it is normal ..Any change in EDD
Answer: it is because of difference between your lmp date Calculation and your gestational date because when we calculate lmp it means that you can be pregnant on any day in the entire month . while gestational dates are more accurate with scan measurements of your baby's body parts as well as placenta. A plus minus of 2 week is taken in account while considering the gestational age do not worry sometimes because of the placental position it is hard to hear baby's heartbeat sounds evident so I would advise you to wait for a two weeks time before going for an USG. Continue with an iron and protein rich diet along with folic acid supplements Take care.
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Question: Hello doctor. I am 7.5 weeks pregnant but ultrasound ahows gestational age of 6.6 weeks. Is there anything to worry
Answer: No dear nothing to worry as long as you see a fetal pole and cardiac activity
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