8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello, I'm 7 week pregnant.. yesterday night when i came from outside I had bleeding with clots..Today morning it stopped.. is it a sign of miscarriage

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Answer: Hi! Pls see your Gynae at ths earliest, may be an USG is required to check wht kind of bleeding it was.. Hope this helps!
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    Phani Priyanka1044 days ago

    Ok Thanq..

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Question: Today when i go to washroom a big lump came with urine and its bleeding also...and from morning i have also pain below naval...is it miscarriage????
Answer: Hello dear.. Bleeding is of different types spotting and like menstrual. I suggest you to consult to doctor immediately..
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Question: I'm bleeding like periods with clots. My 11th week. Is it a natural miscarriage?
Answer: Sorry to hear about it. You should visit doctor immediately to know why the bleeding is happening.
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Question: M getting vaginal bleeding 4m yesterday morning. ..It is red in colour with little amount of clots.m 5 week pregnant and is this is a sign of miscarriage? ?
Answer: Hi dear, So sorry that you have to go through this.kindly check with your doctor as soon as possible.as mild spotting is common in first trimester,but clots are dangerous.pmese visit your doctor.hope all is well.
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