32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hello.... i m 32 week pregnant.... usg shows my baby is in breech position with two loops of cord around neck....my question is when will doctor do c-sec if this situation continues...means in which week????

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Answer: if u hv two loop around neck den deir is little risk dr wont take chance bt if other things r fyn den dey cn also do normal delivery it also depends on dr's delivery rate of normal nd c-sec
Answer: Hello! The doctor will in this case will closely monitor you and if there are no further complications then after 37 weeks, your c -section will be done.
Answer: one loop of cord around neck mere usg m bji yhi show hua koi tension vzali baat h ye ya nhi ?????
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Question: My scan shows one baby is in breech position another head down position but a cord around neck. Doctor says delivery by next 10-12 days. Is there any problem with baby when cord is around neck???
Answer: Hi dear dear I believe that you have a twin pregnancy and one is in breech position and the other in head down now if there is a cord around the neck if it is a single loop then there is not a very big problem because it can still slide out and the normal delivery can happen but if there are two or more loops then you need to opt for C section and you need to be mentally prepared for that. Hope this helps!
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Question: Which week is better c section in two cord loop around baby neck
Answer: Hi dear, You are now full term.so can have delivery anytime from now.since you are opting for c section ,you can consult your doctor for any day from now.
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Question: Two loops of umbilical cord seen around the fetal neck is mentioned in usg report suggest solutions?
Answer: No solutions. But baby can unwrap cord till next sonography. Now it's too early to suggest anything. If baby won't unwrap than I advice c section only
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