34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello. I m 34 week pregnant. My baby weight is 2kg now. Is it normal? What should I eat to increase my baby weight?

Answer: eat bannana
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Question: Hello. I m 34 week pregnant. My baby weight is 2 kg. Is it normal? What should I eat for increase weight of my baby?
Answer: Take more and more of protein intake. Pulses are the best sources. Also consult your doctor for protein powder which can be taken with milk. My doctor had given me proPL and worked awesome. If my answer is helpful plz.mark it. Thanks
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Question: I am 34 weeks pregnant.. my baby weight s 2kg now. How to increase its weight ?
Answer: Start having dates... Babies weight will increase fast..
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Question: My baby weight is 2kg 200gm what should i eat to increase babys weight fastly
Answer: Hi dear, I know it's worrisome to have less weight of unborn few tips for fetus weight gain you can try. Hope it will help. Step 1 Maintain a healthy, naturally balanced diet. Fresh fruits, vegetables, protein, whole grains and healthy carbohydrates are all good food choices for you and your baby. Eating three to four solid meals per day will support a healthy weight for you and your baby. Avoid fatty, fried foods and foods high in cholesterol or preservatives. Step 2 Get plenty of rest at night and rest when you are tired during the day. Pregnancy affects the body in a number of ways. Resting provides you with energy and allows your body to refresh itself. Take naps whenever possible and reduce your level of activity if you find yourself becoming tired more quickly that before. Don't over-exert yourself. Step 3 Take prenatal vitamins at the suggestion or prescription of your doctor. Prenatal vitamins provide your body with additional nutrients to support a healthy pregnancy for you and your baby. Step 4 Reduce stress and anxiety. When you are stressed or anxious, you may overeat or undereat or you may not take care of yourself adequately. The results affect you and your baby. Keeping calm and managing your stress is vital to maintaining a healthy pregnancy. Step 5 Refrain from using alcohol, caffeine, tobacco and drugs. These substances can have dangerous effects on your health and can be detrimental to the health of your baby.
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