38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello i m 37 week pregnant. But my baby hasn't engaged yet.. my doc said that i think your pelvic bone is short that's y baby hasn't dropped yet.. m too much worry about this.. plz tell me that means i have to go through c-section.. i want only normal delivery. Plz help me

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Answer: Hi dear. My baby dint got fixed till 40 week, my doctor induced me pain and i delivered my baby by veginal delivery. If your doctor is saying for c section in 37th week go for second opinion. My doctor also asked me to have c-section before my due date but i went for second opinion amd deli ered normally. Later i came to know that first doctor was out for some family function and so she wanted me to have c-section lol. Do go for second opinion.
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    Keerti Singh935 days ago

    Thanks dear shalini ji... Your suggestion is very helpful for me.. n now m relaxed thanks again.

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Question: Hello mam... Iam 15 weeks pregnant. Yesterday there was a big quarrel happened at my home with my father. I shouted on him out of extreme anger. Later my mom said u should not get anger like that it's not good to ur baby. From then I was soo much worried about my baby.i searched on internet about this. And I thought to scan but my mom is telling not to tell my in laws about this.. She is telling after one month I'll be having tiffa scan... Soo u can wait and check that time.. But still iam soo much worried.. Plz let me know should I go for scanning now.. Or next month should I get scaned.. And will there any problem to my baby because of yesterday fight... My anger was in peaks yesterday...iam unable to sleep now.... Plz suggest any solution for this..
Answer: Anxiety and anger is normal during pregnancy don't worry but zyada chillana nhi chaiye baby pe asr hota h ..mere saath bhi ghr pe bht issue hue the first trimester me..ldai chhoti baat pe jisse mjhe stress hota tha ek din extreme ho gya mai bht zor se chillai or roi it is out of control then Mummy ne mana kia mjhe smjhaya phr mai normal ho gai pr scan nhi kraya 15days later anomaly scan tha wo hua sabkuch thik h koi asr nhi hua h pr abse aisa nhi krna . regular krne se bche pe emotional asr hota h.. don't worry ,hr chhoti chhoti baat pe worried rhne se bhi asr hota h aap meditation kro relax rahoge or healthy khao nuts seeds yesb khao mind relax rhega aapka bhi bche ko
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Question: As mine due date is 21/5/21. But today I go for check up. Doctor say me due to narrow bone and height as well as weight of baby we may have to do C section. As baby head is not come down yet Also she gave date on 17/5/21 and also said if u feel less movement then come immediately. Want to know due to narrow bone, normal delivery can't possible. Why baby head not come down yet at this week or it may possible come in coming days Also not feeling any false pain but having pain in abdominal and in pubic area.
Answer: Hello mam If baby head is not near ur vagina part it's risky to be a normal delivery yes go through what Dr have suggested to u if thy is no moment on spot reach to ur hospital By the way no need to worry or get panic at this time is on to see ur baby be happy and safe
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Question: I am 2 months pregnant my last period date is 1/3/21. 11/4/21 I have bleeding problem and 5/5/21 I have same problem my sonography done on 5/5/21 Dr. Says your baby is OK. I want to know I m pregnant so. Why bleeding I am worried about bleeding and my baby. Plz ans.
Answer: Your baby ok then no need to worry somewomen get periods as they before upto 9months My cousin sister wen she was pregnant she get period every month full 9month
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