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Question: hello,I'm 7 month pregnant( just started) my tummy was so tight,its very difficult to sleep and breath,what I do,plzzz guide me,

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Answer: hi, tightening of the tummy generally happens as your uterus is contracting or the baby is moving around or there is gas. try to change your position. if you r siting, try to walk a bit or lying down then sit. simultaneously try doing deep breathing exercises. also avoid having spicy and oily food.
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    vidya shetty1371 days ago


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Question: My sixth month is start. I feel my tummy so hard daily. What can i do.it is very difficult to take breath sometime especially in evening.
Answer: Itz normal... No need to worry, when baby changes the position u will feel ur tummy hard.
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Question: its my 6th month i am having pain under right breath and make me difficult to breath.why it is so?
Answer: Hi dear,it is quiet normal. It is due to incteaseevel of hormone progesterone which leads to difficulty in breathing.alsi as the baby grows the uterus expands it pushes diaphragm which causes difficulty in breathing. Precautions that you can take are Eat healthy.avoud packaged foods .have more green veggies and fruits. Stay hydrated Have iron rich food as if your iron levels is low it will further cause difficulty in breathing.
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Question: Hello everyone plz help me.my stomach is getting very tight when i was sleep its very difficult
Answer: Hello! Tightening of the stomach for a longer period is there then please consult the doctor. Once a while tightening is fine but continuously staying in that position is not recommended. Take care
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