3 months old baby

Question: hello i m giving buffalo milk from day 1 to my baby but from last 3-4 days he has done potty after drinking milk, now i changed the milk i started cow's milk but again the same problem?

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Answer: Before 6 months only breast milk. But if you not have enough milk then give formula milk. If you are giving cows milk make it more watery. Like 25ml milk and 75ml water to make 100 ml. Then only baby can digest.
Answer: You should not give cow or buffalo milk to baby before 6 months... It will not easily digestible for baby... Give him formula milk
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Question: hello baby is 4.5month earlier i was giving him buffalo milk from day 1 but he was unable to digest he was suffering from colic now i started lactogen 1 how much quantity should i give to fulfill his tummy?
Answer: Better to feed cow's milk because buffalo milk is very heavy to digest infants nd cows milk very lighter so better to feed cows milk..
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Question: My Baby is 6 months 22 days old he is having severe constipation problem when he was till 4 months age he has intake formula milk nan pro after 5 months i started giving him cow milk but i have stopped cow milk because constipation been started now i have changed the milk giving double tonned and wheat Apple cerelac but still constipation problem is still the same many medicine tried but didnt work
Answer: It's important when babies starts solids should pass stool daily. Alternate days pooping is still normal but it should not be hard because this might be the start of constipation issue. The reason behind this low fibre food like rice, banana , carrot etc in diet. 1. Formula feed babies are more likely constipated than breast milk babies. So if baby is formula feed change the brand. 2. Cut down other milk made items like kheer etc for few days 3. Give Apple puree with skin, pear puree with skin and prunes juice. 4. Soak raisin overnight and give that water next morning. 5. Boil pomegranate peel in water and give that water. 6. Include rich fibre diet like oats and lots of water. 7. Massage the baby belly with warm oil. 8. Warm water bath. 9. Include curd, salads,buttermilk in baby diet. 10. More liquid diet.
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Question: Hello doc..the white discharge which flows generally has changed its colour from white to brownish from last 4-5 days. Till now I haven't done the sonography ..is it a problem..kindly suggest
Answer: A brown discharge means that your vaginal discharge is mixed or tinged with old blood. Brown spotting is a light vaginal bleeding that is common in early pregnancy. Brown blood during pregnancy is caused by a variety of reasons and it could be normal depending on the cause and which trimester you are in. A brownish or pinkish discharge is normal if it is not a heavy bleeding or contains blood clots like your menstrual period. A heavy or bright red blood like period with clotting is bad while pregnant it may mean a miscarriage. You should see your doctor immediately for an ultrasound.
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