34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hello i m feeling itching in my vagina from last two days...what should i do

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Answer: Hello dear... Vaginal itching is nornal,it can happen due to yeast or bacterial infection to the skin of vulva, it is normal, home remedies for vaginal itching as follows... Drink more water Reduce salt content in food Add yogurt in your diet Apply coconut oil Always keep your vagina clean and dry
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Question: Ma'am I m feeling pain in my feet from last two days what should I do ?
Answer: Hello Dear pain in legs and foot are normal during pregnancy because there are alot of physically and hormonal changes in the body which makes it exert and a little bit more physical exertion can cause legs or body pain.. so dont worry just get some leg massage and do some hot cold compress on your legs. Eat banana that really give a quick relief....Always keep a pillow under your legs while sitting, that will give you alot of relief..
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Question: I m feeling itching in my vagina. And some white dicharge sometimes. What should i do?
Answer: You must report it to your doctor and medication can be started.It could be due to urinary tract infection.Ensure you are drinking lots of water and maintaining good personal hygiene by washing vaginal area with warm water and staying dry by wiping with clean tissue from front to back direction.
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Question: I m feeling pressure in my vagina from last two days is it normal ?
Answer: As pregnancy progress , u will gain pelvic pain and vaginal pressure.. other cause would be reduction in cervical length.. please have a check on your cervical length.. for 26 weeks anything above 3cm shud be fine
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