38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello,I'm 38week pregnent and my AFI is 23cm.is this creat any prb for normal delivery?and also baby wt is 3478gm?isnt it too much at this stage?

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Answer: Am also same....my Dr said that baby at too much...I don't know what to do
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Question: Hello mam, i m 27 week pregnent and my baby weight is 650gm is it normal at this stage?
Answer: Hello! As per 27 weeks the weight of the baby on average is 875 gms. But your baby 's weight is comparatively less. You need to focus on your diet and have a healthy balanced diet. Increase the intake of vegetables and fruits. At least take 3-4 servings of both . Have hand full of dry fruits, drink milk, paneer, pulses, curd, soya chunks, eggs. Also take on daily basis 5-6 dates, banana, orange or mosambi juice and urad dal.  Take care
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Question: I m getting too much of urine is this normal at this stage
Answer: Absolutely normal during this will continue till 40th week this will continue ....even if u urinate Evey 15 mins drink water at least 16 glasses daily ok......
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Question: In my ultrasound scan at 34 wks my AFI is 10.8 is it normal at this stage
Answer: Hi. Yes its fine. Normal afi ranges from 8 to 20 cm. And as pregnancy progress afi level gets decreased. So to maintain afi level have atleast 2-3 ltr of water daily. Include as much as water source you can. Like coconut water, daal, fruits which are have high water content etc.
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