2 months old baby

Question: Hello I'm affected by cold and cough I'm really worried if my baby affect. Pls suggest any remedy. Can I take tablets? It may affect my bm to my baby

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Answer: hi dear! so you can take cherry cough syrup dear. it will help with the cold also but do inform about this to your doctor dear. also try taking some steam inhalations this can work also . dont worry dear. it wont affect the baby dear. take care dear.
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Question: 23days old son ... I'm affected by cold,can I breastfeed him and remedy pls
Answer: Hi dear, Viral infections are highly contagious,it is very difficult to stop transmission.but you can definitely take precautions,like washing hands with soap before holding baby.use handkerchief,while sneezing or wiping nose.take plenty of fluids so that you donot get dehydrated.through breastfeeding,you would be giving your baby the antibodies produced to fight cold.that is the advantage of breastfeeding.ao continue doing that.meanwhile you can take steam with eucalyptus oil to releive you from cold.
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Question: I'm also having cough and cold and im bf mother if I take any medicine is affect the baby? How can I stol my cold cough
Answer: Hi there are many home remedies to cure cough n cold like 1)boil glass of water put around 6-7 Tulsi leaves, 2-3 ajwain leaves, pinch of jeera, one beetle leaf, 2-3 whole peppercorns and boil it to 3-4 boils n strain it n take 30-40ml, this can be taken anytime of the day. If u find it difficult to consume u can add lil honey before consuming it. Same remedy can be given to ur child wen he grows then u can just add Tulsi leaves alone n honey can be added. 2) Applying eucalyptus oil on chest, back, neck and on underarms on regular intervals can help n even this has no age barrier. Taking vapour helps alot
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Question: Without running nose my baby was affected by cold and cough. How can I cure it
Answer: Give Ajwain water 3 times in a week 2 TSP per day..dry roasted Ajwain and garlic potil place near baby...
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