6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello i m 6 weeks pregnant, which type of house hold works i can do at this stage and which type of exercise i can do?

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Answer: Hi dear... You can do everything if everything is normal.. You conceived normally without medication.. Then you can do all the chores in a certain way. 1. Mopping and brooming but in standing position, donot sit in a potty position for long. 2. Dont bend too much. 3. Walking 4 cooking 5 chopping veggies, doughing, cleaning utensils. 6 you cn go to office if you are working.
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    Krishna Patel205 days ago

    Thank you

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Question: Can i wear bra in 17 weeks? Please answer me, and which type of bra i can wear
Answer: Hello dear,you should wear bra.please dnt follow such myth as they have no relation to pregnancy.you wear bra so your breast dnt sag.wear any bra that is comfortable.not too tight and not loose too.
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Question: Which type of fish can I eat during this time.. without mercury content where
Answer: Sure u can take fish its safe u can take Wild salmon.Shrimp.Catfish.Tilapia.Sole.Flounder.Haddock.Halibut. s safe .try to avoid high murcury fish its not safe 4 u .Fish has low levels of saturated fat but high levels of nutrients, such as Vitamin D and protein, which are necessary for the developing baby. Fish also helps promote a healthy pregnancy.try it
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Question: Hi I'm 33 weeks pregnant, can I do all houshold works like mopping,sweeping exercises.
Answer: First consult ur doc. In some medical conditions such work is not allowed. But if everything is fine in ur case and ur doc allows u can do it but don't exert urself and avoid bending and don't lift anything heavy. And regarding exercises stomach related exercise don't do. And don't do very strenuous exercise.
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