19 months old baby

Question: Hello .. i loss my total weight 15kg after delivery but i really don't want to loose my n now i become under weight .. plz help me out

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Answer: Tips which can help you in gaining weight - 1)Eat small and frequent meals , if you are eating 3 meals in a day break them down to 6 and try and have meals every 3-4 hours. 2)Even though you might feel that eating a burger,pizza with some coke and mountain dew would help you in gaining weight ,Beware!!.These foods can make you fat in the long run.Eat good and healthy food by that I mean good amounts of protein,healthy carbs and good fats.You need to build muscle and not a storehouse of fats. 3)Eating protein rich foods i.e foods like milk,paneer,chicken,eggs,fish and cheese becomes important because without enough protein in the diet the entire food would end up turning into carbs and ultimately fats. 4)Eat calorie dense foods like nuts(almond,walnut,cashew,pecan nuts,peanuts) and good amounts of fruits and veggies. 5)If you have to eat carbs then make sure you choose complex carbs like oatmeal,brown rice,quinoa and barley.Do not have too much of simple carbs(candies,doughnuts,pastries,cakes),remember these shall make you plum and not healthy. 6)Exercise!!Yes weight training can be your best friend if you have to put on weight and build some muscles.Resort to compound exercises like squats,bench presses,chin ups,pull ups and dips. 7)Sleep well,by that I mean sleep for at least 8 hours and while you are sleeping the body is building up some muscles. 8)Do not skip meals as if you have to gain weight you need to eat frequently.
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Answer: You could do home workouts dear.. there are many workout videos online....for example Jillian Michael or Leslie miles... etc which is what I followed....to shed most of my post pregnancy weight dear.. they're easy and is effective workout for 30-40mins.. you could also try it dear..
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Answer: Hi dear, gaining weight is fine but it should not be too much, but i know again its tough to keep a track when so much is going on in your body but finally its all worth it. Start following few tips to keep your weight in watch Eat smaller portions Cut out condiments Swap unhealthy fats (like butter) for a plant-based version (try olive oil)trade baked goods for fruitfill up on vegetables instead of traditional carbs Cut out soda, and opt for water instead avoid large amounts of junk food, like chips or candy Exercise 30 minutes daily Some women are afraid to exercise out of fear of it harming their babies. But this definitely isn’t true. While some exercises, such as situps, can possibly be harmful, exercise overall is extremely beneficial Some of the best exercises for pregnant women are: swimming, walking, gardening, prenatal yoga and jogging
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