10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello i hv 10 weeks pregnant i m very scared about normal delivery..i thinks its very difficult to me..is c section is tough or harmful for baby comparison to normal delivery..any other painless delivery available to less my fearness..

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Answer: Hello dear, normal delivery is always better. After normal delivery you can recover soon. Well look at it this way... a vaginal birth is the normal way women have been giving birth since the beginning and a c-section is major surgery. Now which one sounds like the better option? When you have a c-section there are a lot of muscles cut that have to heal and when you a vaginal birth then you may need an episiotomy or you might tear but its not through all the layers of your stomach and uterus. A c-section is so much more serious then a vaginal birth. I would definitely go with the vaginal birth and have an epidural if it is too much for you. Hope it helped, Take care urself....
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    Akanksha Shrivastava802 days ago


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