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Question: Hello, I hv just given birth to a 06 days old baby girl on 13 June. I'm worried dat she is not taking my milk( breast feed) .. Bcoz of dat I'm giving her formula milk.... Similac. What should I do? She sometimes tries to suck my milk but it seems dat she is not able to suck it properly or my milk is not sufficient for her

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Answer: Hello! Sometimes babies are unable to latch properly due to flat or inverted nipples. Try to use a nipple shield . You can also take the help of a lactation expert if you can. Also use a breast pump to stimulate the milk glands to keep on producing more milk. Take care
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Question: My wife gave birth to baby girl yesterday....it seems like she is not geeting much milk....What is the best solution..to produce sufficient milk. Please advise.
Answer: You should ask your wife to take care of her healthy balanced diet for sufficient milk production Choose whole grain cerealsbased food which are full of nutrients and fibres like brown bread wheat and most important oatmeal it is very helpful and breast milk production Introduce some dairy products like yogurt ,glass of milk , cheese paneer daily Protein like eggs or pulses, chickpeas Include plenty of fruits and vegetables like spinach carrot , sweet potato, drumsticks, all type of gourds You can also have fennel seeds (saunf) with your vegetable seasoning or pop in as a mouth freshener it is very good to increase the breast milk production cumin seeds that is jeera powder is also known to boost the milk supply you can have cumin powder in butter milk or curd Take daily dose of dry fruits like Almonds cashew nut Walnuts etc along with this calcium Vitamin D and iron tablets for the quality milk production will help in the growth of your baby also Most important ,drink lots and lots of water if no help you can ask her to take lactonic granules one spoon with one glass of water twice in a day, it will help in breast milk production.
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Question: My Baby seems to be less weight even am giving her sufficient feeding .Her birth weight is 2.5 kgs now how much she should be
Answer: hi the weight of the baby at 2 months should be anything between 4 and 7 kgs . if you feel the baby's weight is not within the range then you should consult to the doctor if with breastfeeding alone the baby's weight is not increasing then the doctor we decided to start mid formula Milk but it is better to give breast milk which is very important for the babies growth and development as it also helps to create immunity for the baby so you should try to give more of breast milk.
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Question: I am giving my two months old similac iq+ since her birth as i dint have sufficient bm.. But she vomits a lot. What to do?
Answer: If baby is vomiting Lil after feed Thts normal still 4 months and if the development is seen it is not a matter of concern.. If the amount of split out is more then u shld consult your doc and change the formula
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