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Question: Hello, I hv been planning for pregnancy since last 5 months and diagnosed with pcod. My AMH is 4.21. My LMP was on 16th Mar 19 and i hv regular periods.. had my follicle study routine with letrozole without injection on 25 Mar 19 On 10th day of my cycle RT Ovary (14.8mm,15.9mm) LT Ovary (13.1mm,14.3mm), Endometreum 9.9 mm On 11 day: RT Ovary(16.2mm,19.8mm) LT Ovary(same 10th day size no changes), Endometreum:10.7mm On 12 day: RT Ovary(17.0mm, 21.8mm), LT ovary(no changes in size), Endometreum:11.4mm On 13 day: RT Ovary(same,23.0mm),LT Ovary(no changes in size), Endometreum:14.0mm On 14 day: RT Ovary(25.6mm), rest of none of the follicle is growing, Endometreum:16.7mm On 15th day: one dominant follicle of size 25.6 had been ruptured, Endometreum:16.7mm I had intercourse on same well before rupture too. I checked through ovulation kit I know as well on my 15 day Which was not showing that i had my ovulation day on 15th day of my cycle but follicle had been ruptured on 15th day. Plz clear my there any chances of mine to get pregnent in this cycle. Eagerly waiting for hear from u.

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Answer: Plz answer my question...i m 31 years old
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Question: Hi i am going through follicle study... On 14day i found with RT ovary 55*45mm endo cyst with few follicles of 4-6mm and LT ovary 22*10mm oblong thick walled cyst/follicle no dominant follicle... I understand this tym it's not good news at all for me... But plz recommend me veg diet or any lifestyle to have healthy follicle
Answer: Cyst can result in irregular mensuration so consult your doctor for treatment accordingly. Drink at least 3 to 4 litres of water in a day, have fresh fruits and vegetables,do exercise daily to reduce stress try to manage your weight as well. If required you can be treated to increase the size of your egg too.
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