19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello, I have spotted a little vaginal bleeding last night but nothing is there since morning. Is it normal or something to worry about?

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Answer: A little spotting and bleeding can be sign of low lying placenta. Please see your doctor as they will scan for any complication
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Question: I have little bleeding last night.. Is it something to worry..
Answer: Hi Some may have spotting in pregnancy as the uterus gets expnaded..but it should be consulted with doctor and should follow mediactions to avoid complications...take care
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Question: I am into 33 weeks of pregnancy. Today i noticed a very little White vaginal discharge. Is it normal to have such discharge or something to worry about?
Answer: Hello..it is normal to have vaginal discharge but if you find it more then should consult your doctor once regarding this issue.happy pregnancy 😊
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Question: I got little amount of bleeding yesterday. It is normal or i have worry about it?
Answer: Dear bleeding or spotting is normal during pregnancy but you must talk to your doctor about it and also get ultrasound done to know the exact reason for it because after ultrasound only anything can be said it's fine or not...
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