3 months old baby

Question: hello, i have 3months n 5 days old daughter..... i hav body ache n loos motion.... in this situation bm is necessary..... n also she hv loose motion problem.... plz suggest me....what i can do

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Answer: bm is necessary till 6 months but its totally depend on you if you are well then you can avoid. but bm has lots of benefits for baby. for loose motion you can drink pomegranate juice. if baby is also suffering from motion then consult with pedestrian.
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Question: My daughter is 8 months old she suffers loose motion...plz suggest what i can give for cure
Answer: When your baby is going potty more than 6 times a day and the potty is very watery show the potty will be literally spurting out and if it happens that means your baby suffering from diarrhoea and at an age of 6--8month food eating anything from ground or babies who crawl or are trying to work they put a lot of things in their mouth and that is the reason of getting diarrhoea frequently civil advice you to start ORS for the baby as well as give enterogermina out of Pro or darolac or sporlac powder. you have to dissolve in halfsachwt in 3 to 4 tablespoon of water also it is important to see your doctor once for the checkup if it is a stomach infection antibiotics will also be needed if baby is getting fever
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Question: I have 7 days old baby done in c section.to day i have body pains ,head hace and also fever.if any serious in this situation ? pls suggest ?
Answer: Hello dear.. body pain is quite normal for few days as yiu had c section just a week back. And for headache you are supposed to drink lots and lots of water. the more water you will drink the lesser your pain will be.. and plz do regular oiling with ghee or mustard oil as ypur head need strength after operation... If you have fever also then yiu should once talk with your doctor too
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Question: hi my daughter is 11 month old she is suffering from Loos motion. ...plz suggest me fastly
Answer: Loose motion in baby remedy - feed ur babies mashed banana and curd. keep him/her well hydrate. though the nutrients are not absorbed properly at time food is required for immunity buildup so serve moong dal khichdi with curd. give ORS to ur baby. sabudana is the best home remedy in loose motion and pomegranate juice is very good it is also very good in controlling loose motion
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