10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello , i have lost my apetite, i am not able to eat, despite taking medication for vomiting . What to do?

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Answer: Its normsl to loose appetitte in pregnancy due to hormonal changes ....j shuld eat whatever possible...hormonal changes decrease aftr 12-13 weeks
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    Shubhi Chaudhry569 days ago


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Question: i am not able to produce breastmilk despite of hving medicine. what to do
Answer: Hi! Breastmilk is basically regulated on demand and supply, not sure wht medicines r u taking but pls try the following below; For increasing Breast Milk Supply 1. Shatavari. powder twice with milk 2. Methi in any form- methi sabzi, methi seeds with water, kasuri methi, methi laddoo, methi pills 3. Lots of garlic in food and desi ghee 4. Lots of water. Min 1 glass before & after every bf 5. Daliya with milk or oats once atleast 6. Ajwain 7. Zeera and jaggery.. grind together and hv spoonful with milk twice a day 8. Masoor daal 9. Papaya and lots of baby latch as more the baby latches the more milk is produced by your body.. Hope this helps!
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Question: I am not able to iron tablet when i have taking vomiting what to fo
Answer: Hi , dear it happens with me also so I used to have the tablet after 20 minutes of food with very few sips.ofwater andthen I eat a sugar free chewing gum that help me . You can also try it but do take the medicine regularly its important for you and baby both. Dont miss any dose.
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Question: Im not able and interest to eat my food ...facing loss of apetite..if I ate forceably it was vomiting what to do
Answer: You can know during your first scanning which is done to see your baby cardiac activity
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