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Question: Hello! I have got very high heartburn what to do?

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Answer: Heartburn in pregnancy may occur because of changing hormone levels, which can affect the muscles of the digestive tract and how different foods are tolerated. Pregnancy hormones can cause the lower esophageal sphincter (the muscular valve between the stomach and esophagus) to relax, allowing stomach acids to splash back up into the esophagus To reduce heartburn during pregnancy without hurting your baby, you should try the following: Eat several small meals each day instead of three large ones.Eat slowly.Avoid fried, spicy, or rich (fatty) foods or any foods that seem to cause relaxation of the lower esophageal sphincter and increase the risk of heartburn.Drink less while eating. Drinking large amounts while eating may increase the risk of acid reflux and heartburn.Don't lie down directly after eating.Keep the head of your bed higher than the foot of your bed. Or place pillows under your shoulders to help prevent stomach acids from rising into your chest.Ask your doctor about using over-the-counter medications such as Tums or Maalox, which are generally safe to use during pregnancy. You may find that liquid heartburn relievers are more effective in treating heartburn, because they coat the esophagus.Wear loose-fitting clothing. Tight-fitting clothes can increase the pressure on your stomach and abdomen.Avoid constipation.
Answer: ye normal h aap cold milk le skti h aap jb b khana khati h 1tsp sunff kha ly isse aapko aaram milega avoid junk or oily food
Answer: Drink cold n chilled milk. It will help n will give u relief.....
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Question: I have Heartburn ...what to do??
Answer: Hii dear, heart burn is very common during pregnancy Don't have big meal try to eat small meals like 5 to 6 times in a day instead of 3 big meals. Do some simple exercise Drink plenty of water Atleast 5 to 6 glasses per day.
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Question: I have heartburn problem,what to do
Answer: bloating occurs in late pregnancy due to the growing uterus and hormonal surge. The uterine cavity occupies more room in the abdominal cavity, further pushing the stomach and affecting digestion. This makes you feel more bloated after meals. As a result, you will also experience heartburn, acidity, or constipation. You should eat smaller meals throughout the day, exercise regularly, eat a high fiber diet, drink lots of water and fluids. • Eat small, regular meals and stay away from foods that tend to give you gas. Fried foods, sweets, cabbage and beans are common culprits, but you might find other foods that are particularly troublesome • Eating and drinking slowly will keep you from swallowing excess air • Loose clothing will keep you comfy • Yoga classes can also help settle things down. • Consuming plenty of liquids and high-fiber foods will help
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Question: Hello i have problem of acidity and heartburn plz suggest me what to do for it ?
Answer: Do yoga.Eat smaller meals more frequently and avoid drinking while eating food.Eat slowly and chew every bite thoroughly.Avoid eating a few hours before bed.Avoid foods and beverages that trigger your heartburn. Stay upright for at least one hour after a meal.
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