2 months old baby

Question: Hello..! I have delivered baby at 28 Nov. by seizure. Its 47 days gone. But bleeding not stop yet. After 25 days of deliverey bleeding was stopped but after 12 days it start again & till now its come out little.. Is it normal or problem??

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Answer: It is completely normal if u r bleeding little. U should consult ur gynecologist if u r bleeding heavily. Some women bleed for 3months after giving birth. In my case it took 55days to stop bleeding.
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Question: When did bleeding stop after c section... Its been 47 days now but it doesn't stop yet...
Answer: Hello dear For most women, the bleeding that happens after a delivery (whether it is a vaginal delivery or a C-section) lasts no more than 6 weeks on average. Some women only bleed for 4 weeks, and some can bleed for up to 8 weeks.Some women will have bleeding  that continues for longer than normal
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Question: I hv done with normal dilvery 40 days ago my bleeding is stop after 25 days of divery but nw its again start ? I m worried about it?
Answer: Hello dear. If it is light spotting wait for it to stop on its own. Ideally 4 to 6 weeks bleeding is considered normal. If it exceeds from that then it is a concern and should be reported to doctor. If heavy bleeding starts again then also you need to see ur gynae. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hello. My wife just delivered baby 10 days before but yet her bleeding has not stopped? Its normal? How many days it takes to stop bleeding of mother? What to do please suggest.
Answer: Dont worry..it is normal.bleeding will stopped 15 to 20 days..sometimess it continues 30 days also..dont worry..if you have heavy bleeding consult your doctor.
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