9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hello i have completed my 2 months its starting of 3rd month can i travel in this month is there any risk in travelling. i will travel by train ... plz give me answer....

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Answer: Travel by train is safe but still three months tk travel avoid krna chahiye
Answer: Pls don't take risk atleast 3 months
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Question: is there any problem in travelling.. can I travel for around 150kms by train
Answer: Hello Travelling when ur pregnant is a bit complicated than normal as there are alot of factors to consider. If u have an option of travelling in a flight take it as it's the safest most hygenic and quickest way to travel. If ur traveling by ur car then it's safer compared to public transport as u need frequent washroom breaks.choose a clean hotel washroom In public transport bus is a bit tricky as the bumpy roads may affect ur posture causing alot of pain. Train is the best way to travel as u can relax with available space wch is better for ur posture. The only problem with the train is the washroom as it is very unhygenic and you can contact with a UTI.
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Question: Hello, just now i have completed my 3rd month so now can i travel by train? Its arround 500 km
Answer: Hello dear.. U have entered in 2nd trimester n it is safe trimester. U can travel by train but take lower birth for sleeping.. Don't take middle n upeer births.. My doctor suggest me one tablet before travelling so that uterus becomes safe during travel.. Pls once visit ur gynac for tablet.. Train travel is safe one.. So go ahead.. If my answer is helpful please mark as helpful...
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Question: Hii mam can i travel in 3rd month by train
Answer: Hello... Dear in first trimester, it is advisable to avoid travel, but in unavoidable circumstances, please consult doctor before travel
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