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Question: Hello , I had a 3yeara old kids he wont take good food frm last 1n half year amd he is only 10kgs he also has constipation prblm as well we consulted couple of doctors but no use they jus suggest to give enema to get free motion but i feel dats nt good to him everytime and want to make him sit but he wont sit n cries alot when he try to pass Motion but he wont eat rice at all he prefers only dosa but eats only half of it he compltes it sometimes plz helpeme to put on his weight and eats food

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Answer: hii dear he having constipation beacuse he might be having more of junk food, chesses, white bread, meats etc. dont give your child food which hard to digest. give him food which is easy to digest and food which have fiber such as fruits (apple,ripe bananas, pears,oranges), green vegetables and whole grain bread which will help to prevent constipation. give your child enough of water and liquid in a day.encourge him to play outside help too.cycling,running etc. you should decide routine to give him food and that time you have to feed him on fix time.so he will have habit of eating on time. some time kids avoid to go to bathroom even they urge to go so make a habit of going bathroom after meal or when he needs to go.if your child fights the urge to go to the bathroom have him sit on the toilet for atleast 10 minutes at about same time each day...know his liking of food and make it intersteing the way he like for eg. if he like idli than make it using carrot or spinach.you should give him packet food ,biscuits,chocolates etc frequetly. you should not force your child to eat food, if you do so he would not like to eat food. have patience and try to feed him. you can use his toys or tell him stories during feeding him.but you need keep patience...once you feed him on time he will start gain weight also.follow this instructions dnt worry he will be fine...
Answer: Some babies are fussy eaters so mothers have to trick they to feed properly. If he likes dosa then make it in different shapes and serve it in bright colours plates or bowls. You can try variety of food using rice but differently just to attract him. Also distract him while feeding. Hand him over paper, pen, pencil, colour box to draw or any other toy just to engage him. Give him small small quantity but serve frequently and make sure you are giving him food which is full of nutrients. Also you can give milk with health drink of his favourite flavour. Make vegetable more tasty and don't repeat same food. As he is constipated so give him more liquid food, juice and include fibre rich vegetable like raw papaya, ladies finger etc.
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