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Question: Hello..i got my last period in 3 december..till today pms not it a sign of pregnancy..

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Answer: If ur cycle is of 28 days then it may be a sign of pregnancy.. I can do the test tomorrow morning.. good luck dear... Hope this answer will help you
Answer: Wait until 60days from your last period. Then check with pregnancy kit
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Question: Hello mam..I got my last period on 3 december 2018..and till today i didnt get my period ie ( 8jan 2019) is it a sign of pregnancy
Answer: If you have irregular cycles then it's difficult to find you are pregnant with skipped period. If you have regular periods, then First check for home pregnancy kit. Use according to clear instructions given on the pack. If it shows 2 lines congrats,u may be pregnant. Consult a gynecologist and follow instructions. All the best! .
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Question: Hello mam/Sir..i got my last period in 3 december 2018..but till today ie(7 jan 2019) i didnt get it a sign of pregnancy?
Answer: Hi dear, If you never had irregular periods before,then yes,this could be sign of pregnancy.i would insist you to test,on 10 th Jan,with first urine in that time the pregnancy hormones would be maximum.wish you all the best!
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Question: My last period is December 29 today January 29 in morning I got brown stain ,is this sign of periods or pregnancy?
Answer: Anything it may be.. please check with pregnancykit
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