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Question: Hello I get completed 7 month to my marriage.. My last mensuration period date was 23rd feb 2019. I have a hypothyroidism.. On 24th April my T3 n T4 was normal range.. N TSH was 18.89 uIU/mL. I knew about my pregnancy on 10th April. That time baby was 6 week old After 12 days. When I did sonography.. Dr. Said me that.. Babys growth was stopped. N there was no heart beat found. On 28th April, dr. Recommended me to clean the uterus. I did it. Then on 15th may I did sonography.. In that report my Endometrium thickness was 9.4 mm Dr. Said me wait up to 15 th june u ll have a mensuration period till that date. Bt it never happen On 17 th june again I did sonography that time Endometrium thickness was 3.5mm. And that time my T3 n T4 was normal n TSH level was 0.04 uI/mL Behalf of that report dr. Gave me a 5 tablet for five days.. For getting mensuration period. I took my last tab on 23rd June. But still I haven't yet mensuration period. I totally scared that what ll happens to me. Do I get again mensuration period? I want to pregnant again with healthy baby...

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Answer: Don't worry. Worrying makes your wish get late. If it has happened now, you may need to take medicine. Take it. If you have any doubt, consult some other doctors.
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Answer: Tyroid TSH is bit high ..pls consult ur gyno he will provide you throxine 25 mcg medicine
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Question: I did sonography on 20th may, baby heartbeats were normal, again on 12th june i went for NT scan where tech told me thrz no heartbeat again on 13th june i did sonography to reconfirm but same report came.... My dr suggested me for d&c on 18th june...
Answer: Dear its sad to hear... but its fine... tou have to think that there is some thing good os going to happen... that is why rhis thing happened...
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