34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello I feeling very fast movements of my baby after two or three days than they are normal. Are these normal along with I am feeling very tired

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Answer: Its normal dear. Baby gets very active sometime and sometimes we find reduced movements. But just remember ur baby shall move 10 times in one day. If movements are lesser than 10 times than call ur doctor. And feeling tired is also normal at this stage.
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Question: Since last two days I am feeling very less baby movements than usual. I am experiencing hiccups.is it normal or do I need to visit doctor
Answer: hi, decreased fetal movements is cause for concern. count fetal movements using this method. lie down in the left lateral position for an hour, three times a day aft er meals. Count the number of foetal movements in each hour. If the total number of movements in all three periods is less than 10, contact your doctor.
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Question: Hi, i am feeling baby movements but they are very frequent is it okay? Someday's these are very less.
Answer: Hello dear, fast and slow movement both are ok. baby movement feel slow due to gas, if it start suddenly, that means baby is getting less oxidation. Take a glass of cold water and sleep on your left side. If your baby not responding properly as earlier within 2 hours. Consult your doctor immediately...
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Question: I am not feeling baby movements these days. It is very very slow. Is it normal?
Answer: During the last week's of pregnancy the baby don't have space to move freely..so they may move slowly so u will have slow movements..no worries
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