1 months old baby

Question: Hello, i feel very low all the time and always feel like crying. I think its post partem depression. Can anyone plz suggest me how to overcome it.

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Answer: Share Ur thoughts to Ur mother or husband (if they are supportive) seek help from mom or other family members to look after baby... Hope u have not started household chores yet. If started, jus share burden to others..do not stress over on day to day activities if it is not completed.. it is completely alright to be not perfect while Ur taking care of baby.. now Ur in healing time.. so take some "me time" and do whatever u like.. like singing, thinking about positive future etc.. dn c urself in mirror and feel u changed.. it's all a phase of life... Once this phase passes, u ll miss it and u ll feel like u wanted to live it again with all Ur energy...so dont worry..Ur doing a wonderful job.. start exercising after 48 days like walking...more importantly, talk to urself in positive manner.. say to Ur heart that u doing a great job and u love Ur kid.. sing lullaby to baby and c how he/she listens to u.. talk to Ur baby.. she/he can understand u and he ll b more attached to u.. take cute photos and videos of baby.. and c it later on.. u tn know how he is growing as well as u ll c the cuteness of the passed days.. stay strong..
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    sneha vartak724 days ago

    Thank you so much

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    Baghya Suresh724 days ago

    Ur welcome dear 👍

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Question: Why I feel always crying ,pls suggest me ,any affect my baby,and how to overcome
Answer: Hi dear Y u r feel always crying ..identified that ...Ok If ur having mentally stress ..so u feel like that ... Communicate with others and spend time with u r hubby ... Watching t v entertainment programme. And listening music ... Meditation these are all helps to reduce u r stress so leads to control u r emotion Its u r hand to control u r emotions
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Question: Suffering through Post partum depression... anxiety and sleeplessness... pls suggest how to overcome
Answer: You are not alone. A considerable number of women go through some kind of anxiety after delivery, commonly known as baby blues...it might not be actual depression and would go on its own. Its important to take care of your diet, have fruits as you were having during your pregnancy and take ample rest. Talk to your husband or your friend or relative about your feelings. If you can, get some more help in your daily activities... Dont worry, once you adjust to the new routine, the problem of sleeplessness would also go away. However if these issues persist for another couple of weeks, don't hesitate to seek your doctor's help. Take care!
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Question: How do we know whether we are in post partum depression and how to overcome it?
Answer: hi dear if you continuously feeling tired of feeling like crying in this can be a part of a Postpartum depression you should keep yourself calm this is a part of a mother would you have to be active and come you should do breathing exercises this which will help you mind to keep calm you should also listen to motivational music and speeches this will definitely help you dear try and take a walk this is good for a baby also to breathe in fresh air and will help you are mine also to remain calm
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