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Question: Hello i am 33 years old i have a spinning sensation in my head.it mostly occurs when i wake uo from bed or giing to bed.pl suggest

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Answer: hi dear! so this called vertigo dear. also you will have to describe if you feel that the room is spinning or you yourself is spinning dear. and dont worry there is a medicine tablet vertin that can be taken but you should first go visit your doctor as they will have to induce the vertigo and see on which side the vertigo is happening. dont worry its a very simple phenomenon. in your ears we have a organ that maintains our balance. there is a fluid in that organ that goes to the opposite direction when we move to a certain direction. sometimes there are crystals formed in that fluid channel and this crystals gets settled there and wont allow the fluid to love in the opposite direction which as a result we might loose our balance or it starts spinning. dont worry there is something called epli manuver its done by an ent specialist in which they will try to dislodge the crystals so that you feel good. so do consutl with your ent first . dont worry its just something that can be treated. take care dear i hope this information is helpful to you!
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    Madhuleena Ghosh115 days ago

    Thank dear

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