35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello. I am 35 weeks pregnant. My doctor told me that there are chances of normal delivery. so,please suggest me , what should i do for normal delivery.

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Answer: Here are some of the tips, which you can follow to have a normal delivery. . During this time you have to stay away from all types of worries, stress or too much of observations as stress may lead to hinder proper growth and development of the baby. Fetching yoga tricks will help you keep your stress at bay and relax yourself. During the process of delivery, one needs to hold their breath from time to time. Start practising the breathing techniques from now only. Exercises not only help in strengthening the pelvic muscle and all the muscles of the body but also help in keeping one active during this time. Diet obviously can change your way from caesarean to normal delivery. A healthier mother is capable of giving a natural birth more comfortably and without any complications. Drink a lot of water as this will keep you and your baby hydrated and include green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits in your diet as this will provide with the basic nutrients to the baby. Stay in the company of good people who talk about pleasant things and do not make you fear even more. Your support system includes your husband, your sister, your mother or the other family members. They should be by your side whenever you need them. Besides this, it is also very important for you to have somebody trust worthy with you always. Always consult a good doctor and have your prenatal check-ups done routinely. If you find that your doctor is not responding properly to you, do not hesitate and seek out for another cooperative doctor to help you out during your pregnancy. Any kind of massage, may it be for pregnancy or for something else, is always soothing and relaxing. One feels itself to be calm and stress-free after a massage. Sleep for proper growth 8 to 10 hours.
Answer: Hello ma'am Tips for normal delivery:- 1) stay active and exercise regularly. 2) be well hydrate. 3) remove stress free - don't take Stress during pregnancy. 4) be well informed about labour pain and delivery . 5) breathing techniques- ( practising pranayams) . 6) adequate support- this time u have to need for physically support and emotionally support both . 7) need regular perineal massage. 8) rest and sleep . This all things help you for normal delivery . Thanku .
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Question: I am pregnant with twins & want normal delivery but most of the people told me that in twins pregnancy there are less chances of normal delivery. Pls tell me what to do for normal delivery. Can u pls help me?
Answer: Hello U can eat healthy balanced diet with lots of fruits and vegetables lentils etc eat avocadoes they help in keeping your babies healthy as it contains follate which helps the baby to stay healthy. Keeping urself well hydrated and eat small meals keep urself physically active by walking stretching etc include high fiber food. Eat date fruit it will help you with normal delivery from ur 36th week eat 6 dates everyday it high in nutrients values and oxytocin that will help in dilation of ur cervix. Eat ghee. It's told it helps in normal delivery.
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Question: Doctor told me that there r chances of normal delivery as the position of baby is good ... So what should I eat n do for normal delivery? N tips during normal delivery?
Answer: Hey dear if every things s normal then don't worry. Take healthy diet nd take banana ,dates pineapple juice as well as pineapple, castor oil wit milk nd do yoga nd exercises nd do alom vilom ,suryanamashkar ,squatting, birth ball its helpful in inducing labour too .Try it best of luck.
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Question: I am 35 weeks pregnant.. What should i do for normal delivery?
Answer: Pregnancy exercise and walk as much as u can take liquid s frequently to maintain animiotic fluid level
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